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Precisely on schedule for bauma 2016, GEDA’s suspended working platform Standard will be enhancing GEDA’s suspended working platform range, which has proven its worth on construction sites for decades. Using GEDA’s suspended working platform means that façades can be worked on cost-effectively regardless of building height.

The 1½” tubes used ensure that the new GEDA suspended working platform standard is flexible in its use and very scaffold-friendly. One particularly practical feature is that all screws have the same width across the flats.

The platform is big enough for personnel and materials and the centimetre-level precision setting of the operating height always ensures the most ergonomically favourable position during any works.

Both for transportation and for assembly/disassembly the new GEDA suspended working platform Standard benefits greatly from the low self-weight of the platform and the outrigger. Its ease of handling – without losable small parts – also translates into huge time and cost savings.

Suspended working platforms are often exposed to tough environmental conditions in the daily work on a construction site. But GEDA is also on hand to help with this as the full galvanisation of the robust platform defies wind and weather. The outrigger can be used as a three-legged or four-legged variant ensuring maximum adaptability and flexibility depending on the specific site conditions.

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