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City cranes have become a very popular choice within the industry and is ideal for users working in urban and city centre areas where space, access and egress is limited. City cranes can be erected easily within one working day and offers the customer excellent savings on mobile crane, transport and installation costs. These cranes can be operated from the cab or from the ground via remote control unit.

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Model Manufacturer Max Radius Max Capacity Capacity at Max Radius
5LC3510 COMANSA 36m 4,000kg 1,100kg
5LC3510 COMANSA 36m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4010 COMANSA 41m 4,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4010 COMANSA 41m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4510 COMANSA 46m 4,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4510 COMANSA 46m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC5010 COMANSA 51m 4,000kg 1,100kg
5LC5010 COMANSA 51m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC3510 – 5T COMANSA 35m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4010 – 5T COMANSA 40m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC4510 – 5T COMANSA 45m 5,000kg 1,100kg
5LC5010 – 5T COMANSA 50m 5,000kg 1,100kg
J36Mac JASO 36m 2,000kg 1,000kg
J4010 JASO 40m 2,500kg 1,000kg
J4510 JASO 45m 2,500kg 1,000kg
J5010 JASO 50m 2,500kg 1,000kg
J5510 JASO 55m 2,500kg 1,000kg
J37NS JASO 37m 4,000kg 1,000kg
J42NS JASO 42m 5,000kg 1,000kg
J47NS JASO 47m 5,000kg 1,000kg
J52NS JASO 52m 5,000kg 1,000kg

Frequently Asked Questions

A city crane is a type of construction machinery used specifically in urban areas. It is designed to be compact and versatile, enabling it to navigate through narrow streets and tight spaces. City cranes are commonly used for various lifting tasks, such as loading/unloading materials, moving heavy objects, or assisting in building construction. These cranes typically have a smaller lifting capacity compared to larger cranes but offer greater mobility. Their compact size allows them to be easily transported and set up in congested urban environments. City cranes are indispensable tools for managing construction projects within city limits.

People need cranes for a variety of reasons. Cranes are essential in construction and infrastructure projects as they enable the lifting, moving, and positioning of heavy materials and equipment. They increase efficiency, safety, and productivity on construction sites. Cranes are also used in industries such as shipping, manufacturing, and mining to load and unload cargo or transport heavy machinery. In addition, cranes play a crucial role in disaster response by aiding in rescue operations or debris removal. Whether it’s building skyscrapers, assembling wind turbines, or handling large loads, cranes provide the necessary lifting power that humans alone cannot achieve.

The lifting capacity of a city crane varies depending on its size and configuration. Smaller city cranes, such as mobile or tower cranes, typically have lifting capacities ranging from 5 to 20 tons. These cranes are commonly used for residential construction or maintenance work in urban areas. Larger city cranes, like crawler or rough terrain cranes, have much higher lifting capacities, often reaching up to 300 tons or more. These heavy-duty cranes are designed for industrial projects and can handle larger loads. It is essential to select the right crane with adequate lifting capacity based on the specific requirements of the job at hand.