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The Multilift Comfort range can be used as enclosed hoist for people and loads all around the world without any restrictions. It has been designed to correspond exactly to the international regulations (e.g. EN 12159).

You may exchange the standard automatic control with the optional, even more user friendly level pre-selection control. For safety reasons the 2.5m high enclosure is electrically and mechanically blocked. This means the door of the enclosure can only be opened when the hoist is in the base unit.

The Multilift Standard range is in no way technically inferior to the Comfort series, but its use depends on the regulations in the respective countries it is used. The hoists are delivered with an electrically surveyed low enclosure. This means that you cannot make the platform leave the base unit or that the platforms stops when a door is opened. In order to eliminate further risks, an underrun protection has been integrated. In case there are bulky goods or people below the unit the limit switch of the underrun protection will be activated and the device will stop immediately.

Assembly is not carried out from the roof. The flap integrated in the roof as well as the assembly guard flap in the interior of the car make it possible to comfortably assemble and dismantle the hoist from the platform. All this can be done fast and safely.

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