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Inclined Hoist – Reliability and Secure Transport made by GEDA

Inclined hoists from GEDA have been produced for decades. Their reliability makes them a favourite transport device for roofers and construction workers. These vertical aluminium hoists have already proved their many ways of application for various kinds of use thousands of times. They are easy, quick and reliable transport units for interior work, refurbishment or repairs on flat roof buildings. GEDA can offer the appropriate load receptacle for any kind of building material and any kind of use. Save time and strength by using a GEDA inclined hoist!

Transportation elevators are useful for every work – indoor and outdoor. The ladder systems can be used to transport all kinds of materials to the upper levels of a building. They enable a maximum height of 19 m and lifting speeds between 19 m/min and 38 m/min. For moving furniture, interior constructions, façade renovations or the restructuring of flat roofs, inclined lifts offer the perfect assistance. Due to the movable end, the transportation goods can easily be unloaded from the platform. This prevents back pain and facilitates the work.

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