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The GEDA 2 PK is a rack and pinion hoist with aluminium ladder segments. Its flexible system allows for the hoist to be installed to any kind of crane up to a standard height of 150 m (higher heights on request). This makes it a safe and quick transport system for crane conductors and maintenance personnel and materials.

Its overspeed safety brake guarantees safe transport. Electrical safety devices prevent faulty operation.

You can control the hoist from the control board in the car. (option: control to be changed to the outside or to the car).

When the car is opened, a small ramp with lateral protection will open, too, forming a safe transition to the car together with the access enclosure.

In order to put on the mast segments, the roof has to be opened. The lightweight ladder segments can be easily installed in a safe way. These are connected without bolts, with the help of a patented quick lock system.

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