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Horizontal jib tower cranes are versatile and efficient. They easily adapt to any project whether using concrete, steel or other types of construction materials. It’s practical modular construction makes transport, assembly and disassembly quick, easy and cost-effective. The horizontal jib tower crane has earned a solid reputation for its dependable performance and excellent safety track record.

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Model Manufacturer Max Radius Max Capacity Capacity at Max Radius
WK75 EC WOLFFKRAN 46m 6,000kg 1,100kg
WK92SL WOLFFKRAN 50m 6,000kg 1,500kg
WK100 EC WOLFFKRAN 50m 6,000kg 1,650kg
WK135EC WOLFFKRAN 50m 8,000kg 2,200kg
WK200EC WOLFFKRAN 60m 12,000kg 1,750kg
6522SL WOLFFKRAN 65m 12,000kg 1,900kg
7031FL WOLFFKRAN 70m 12,000kg 2,800kg
J140N JASO 55m 8,000kg 2,200kg
J190N JASO 60m 10,000kg 2,750kg
J260N JASO 70m 12,000kg 2,700kg
J300 JASO 75m 12,000kg 2,700kg
MD238AJ10 POTAIN 67.5m 10,000kg 2,200kg
11LC90 COMANSA 54m 5,000kg 1,320kg
11LC90 COMANSA 54m 6,000kg 1,320kg
11LC132 COMANSA 61.4m 5,000kg 1,320kg
11LC132 COMANSA 61.4m 6,000kg 1,320kg
11LC150 COMANSA 61.4m 8,000kg 1,870kg
11LC160 COMANSA 66.4m 8,000kg 1,870kg
16LC185 COMANSA 66.9m 8,000kg 2,140kg
16LC185 COMANSA 66.9m 10,000kg 1,980kg
16LC185 COMANSA 66.9m 12,000kg 1,980kg
16LC220 COMANSA 66.9m 10,000kg 2,360kg
16LC220 COMANSA 66.9m 12,000kg 2,360kg
16LC260 COMANSA 71.9m 10,000kg 2,360kg
16LC260 COMANSA 71.9m 12,000kg 2,360kg
21LC335 COMANSA 76m 12,000kg 2,970kg
21LC335 COMANSA 76m 20,000kg 2,970kg
21LC450 COMANSA 82m 20,000kg 3,300kg
21LC450 COMANSA 82m 25,000kg 2,860kg
21LC550 COMANSA 82.1m 25,000kg 3,960kg
21LC660 COMANSA 86.3m 36,000kg 4,950kg
21LC750 COMANSA 82.5m 48,000kg 7,150kg

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