Top 3 points to keep in mind while purchasing a Skip


Choose a recycling skip with built-in safety features if you routinely handle large amounts of heavy, bulk material. When buying a self-tipping skip, search for one with a single-lever operation and, ideally, an automated return. It helps to ensure minimal interaction with the full skip and dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of emptying. Consider choosing a skip that can be customized to work at height or readily lifted with a forklift if your office has multiple levels or if you plan to use the recycling skip to fill larger waste skips and big bag-filling bins.


Investing in durable, dependable, and high-quality equipment will increase long-term cost-effectiveness and guarantee lifespan. Quality construction and reliable tipping mechanisms are essential for long-lasting, weather-resistant recycling skips; therefore, pay close attention to the lifting mechanisms, fabrication quality, and finishing when specifying. When purchasing a high-quality self-tipping skip, additional features like 3-way entry should be considered, as they can provide value and diversity of use.

When you buy from a reputable company like Casey Group, you can be sure that the item you receive is of high quality and suitable for its intended use.


Skips come in many sizes and forms, so make sure the one you choose is appropriate for you and your environment. Think carefully about your needs, the goods or material in the skip, and any size or space restrictions before balancing price and size.

So, Ready to order a Skip? Casey Group has the correct skips for sale.

Please look at the list of skips below that we have for sale.

  1. Fork Tipping Skip

  2. Concrete Skips

  • Rollover concrete skips
  • Concrete tray
  • Straight flow skips
  • Fork Mounted concrete skips
  1. Muck Skips

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