Why Hire a Skip?

Hiring a skip is an eco-sustainable method of waste disposal. Casey group, a skip rental company, will assist you in sorting your waste to ensure that as little waste as possible ends up in landfills. It decreases the number of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and protects the environment.

Skip Hire Kildare

If you’re wondering, ‘From where can I hire the cheapest skip in Kildare?’, our worldwide infrastructure provides a dependable and cost-effective skip hire service tailored to your needs. Casey group makes it simple to rent a skip. 

Hire the appropriate skip for your needs. Our skips are suitable for a wide range of projects. Casey group supplies Fork Tipping skips, Concrete skips, and Muck skips for construction. Building construction produces a large amount of waste that must be cleared and disposed of. 

Our wide range of Skips includes- 

One of the most common skips is the Fork Tipping Skip.

Its features

  • These are easy maintenance
  • Both side fork pickup
  • The top edge is rolled off to increase strength

Concrete Skips:

Its uses

Concrete skips are commonly used to pour concrete. Their robust and heavy-duty construction makes it simple to utilize with cranes and distributes concrete where needed.

Its Variety

  • Rollover concrete skips
  • Concrete tray
  • Straight flow skips
  • Fork Mounted concrete skips

Muck Skips:

Usually, muck and waste are removed from the site using these skips. Suppose a third party is needed to empty the skip manually. A latch is attached to the crane for that purpose.


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