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Self Erecting Cranes

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A Self Erecting Tower Crane has many advantages and is ideal for use on small to medium size projects with short term requirements. The key advantage is financial saving which can be made to move materials around your project in a comfortable and efficient manner with one operative in full control of slinging the load and operating the crane via remote control. The self erecting crane can be transported to site on one load and can be setup within a short space of time.

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Model Manufacturer Max Radius Max Capacity Capacity at Max Radius
IGO-21 POTAIN 26m 1,800kg 0,700kg
CBR-24 TEREX 24m 2,500kg 0,900kg
HS35-10 MASOL 35m 4,000kg 1,000kg
HS30-10 MASOL 30m 4,000kg 1,000kg
CBR36H TEREX 36m 4,000kg 1,1000kg
CM 220 CATTANEO 22m 1,800kg 0,700kg
CM 71A CATTANEO 24m 1,800kg 0,750kg
CM 280 CATTANEO 28m 2,200kg 0,900kg
CM 74s4 CATTANEO 30m 2,500kg 1,000kg
CM 82S4 CATTANEO 30m 3,000kg 1,000kg
CM371 CATTANEO 37m 4,000kg 1,000kg
CM 90S4 CATTANEO 41m 4,000kg 1,000kg
CM 221 CATTANEO 22m 1,800kg 0,600kg
CM 271 CATTANEO 27m 2,200kg 0,700kg

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