Lifting Equipment

Casey Group are a specialist supplier for all types of Lifting Equipment for Rental & Sale. All our products are manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards, are CE approved and meet all the current regulations for the safe use of lifting equipment. We can provide advice, service and reliability when it comes to sourcing the right product to suit our customer’s requirements. Please see a small selection of our most popular items which we have available for hire.

Overhead Crane
Cylindrical-conical shape with straight outlet and hose coupling, extra heavy-duty and rugged design with lever operation of the patented discharge gate. Optionally welded on chain or lift beam.

Concrete Skip roll over skip
Horizontal conical shape with straight outlet and hose coupling, extra rugged heavy-duty design. Optionally with geared operation of the patented discharge gate, and lift beam.

Concrete Skip cone – flow skip
Horizontal round shape with lateral outlet, rugged heavy-duty design with geared operation. Optionally with welded on chain or lift beam.

Muck Skip – Boat Skip
With drop-down lift beam, hook ring and latch for automatic emptying of the skip without an assistant. The drop-down hanger makes the skip particularly ideal for filling by small construction machines.

Crane Fork adjustable forks
With infinitely adjustable by spindle guide from 540 to 900 mm, working height adjustable by pin system from 1150 to 1750 mm. Automatic weight compensation with steel roller guide in top section. Avaible with safety chain, safety cage or loading box of standard size of any special size to order. Load capacities are quoted for a distance of 680 mm between the cross beam and the centre of gravity of the load.

Brick grab Scissor grab
Specifically designed and developed for the UK market to lift palletised brickloads (Note: bricks must be securely bound). Suitable for handling all types of concrete products such as slabs, steel-strapped bricks and blocks kerb stones and paving blocks. Fitted with an automatic ‚open/closed’ device that enables a single operator to stack or un-stack palletised bound loads. Lined with hard rubber pads to minimise damage to load.

Tipping Skip
Rectangular shape with 3 mm sheet steel edge-profile surround, oil-tight and water-tight welded joins. Roller system with automatic release, can be tipped in any position by cable pull from the driver’s seat. Safeguard against inadvertent slipping and tipping. Sturdy base frame with run-in recesses, optionally with retrofitted guide rollers and fixed rollers.

image054 1
2081 Extending Jib 2,500kg – 5,000kg
The crane arm attachment for forklifts provides new reaches: Massive design from section tubes, welded and screwed, length extendable in 7 steps.

image056 1
2084 Load Hook 1,000kg – 5,000kg
Multi-talent on every factory site: The forklift attachment with swivel load hook for quick, spontaneous transportation tasks with working loads up to 1 t. It is fixed to the forklift fork from the bottom by a centric wing screw.

image068 1
1073 Man Basket – Two person workplatform
For max. 2 persons and tools. Net load 250 kg, width 1140 mm, length 1200 mm, suitable for use with forklift truck or crane. Fitted as standard with practical tool tray, four crane lugs (no hain) and entrance door on side. Built in conformance with the official labour safety regulations.

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Superdeck Suspended Loading Platform
Major construction sites are masterpieces of planning, skill, technology and logistics. Making sure that building materials are ready on plan and in schedule is equally challenging for planners, site managers and crane operators. The Superdeck transport platform brings efficiency to the construction site. Using Superdeck, machines, equipment and heavy or bulky materials – whether on pallets or in containers – can be distributed safely and economically to the various floors of the building.

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