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Pre owned cranes for sale in Ireland – Tower cranes Ireland

♦ Are you looking for a Casey Pre-Owned Crane?

All forms of crane sales are a specialty of the Casey Group in Ireland. We are confident that we will have the perfect secondhand crane to match your needs, whether you need a large or small crane, one with a normal or telescoping boom, or one that is virtually new.

For the manufacture and supply of cranes, we have established connections with many of the top suppliers globally over this time, and we do so even today. We take pride in the fact that, thanks to the many years of experience we have amassed, we are able to service our customers’ needs for both new and used crane supply today. Please check out the latest cranes we have available for sale from the list below.

Following Cranes are available at Casey Group for Sales:


Wolffkran Tower Crane

  • Model: WK135EC
  • Tower Crane with Horizontal Jib
  • Top Slewing
  • Self Climbing
  • Installation: Stationary or Travelling


  • Model: WK200EC
  • Tower Crane with Horizontal Jib
  • Top Slewing
  • Self Climbing


  • Model:6522SL
  • Tower Crane
  • Top Slewing
  • Trolley Boom
  • Special Equipment: Cross girder, Cabin, Add. ballast


  • Model: ER240
  • Tower Crane
  • Top Slewing
  • Trolley Boom
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Model Manufacturer Max Radius Max Capacity Capacity at Max Radius
WK135EC WOLFFKRAN 50m 8,000kg 2,200kg
WK200EC WOLFFKRAN 60m 12,000kg 1,750kg
6522SL WOLFFKRAN 65m 12,000kg 1,900kg
RAIMONDI ER240 RAIMONDI 75m 10,000kg 1,320kg


Model Manufacturer Components Number Availability
UV 20.3 WOLFFKRAN Tower Sections 20 Available
UV 20.4 WOLFFKRAN Tower Sections 10 Available

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