Industrial Control Systems

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Casey group are a proud partner and distributor for REMdevice, next generation control. REMdevice have established new high standards in the field of industrial control systems. Thanks to induction charging and low-consumption electronics, REMdevice manufacture products that operate for 40 consecutive hours. REMdevice develop products with integrated battery that lasts up to 1200 hours. The durability and functionality of REMdevice controls is like no other on the market today.

Just some of the benefits of choosing REMdevice for your industrial control system include:

  • Wireless Charging – The universal charger for wireless pushbutton controls stations and joysticks has no metal parts for the operator to touch, ensuring superior safety. Connected to the mains, it recharges the transmitter units’ internal batteries in very little time (5 Hours).A temporary charge of 30 minutes gives the remote control enough power to keep working for a whole work day. The wireless patented battery charger uses pulses to charge them fully and then switching to trickle charging. A microchip determines the amount of energy to be delivered in order to keep the batteries charged and in perfect working order.
  • Safer and stronger over time – The long-life lithium battery housed in the REMdevice transmitters supports in-built electronics that optimizes the power for maximum saving, exonerating the operator from recharging.
  • Climate and Site-proof – All REMdevice solutions are designed based on the experiences of hundreds of operators and with the objective of meeting real requirements, protecting the devices from external agents and bad weather, safeguarding the integrity of the electronics and promoting the continuity and accuracy of their performance. No contacts from the outside, our use of techno-polymers and special rubbers guarantee exceptional toughness in the most rigorous environmental circumstances. An IP65 ingress protection rating means that there is no harmful ingress of liquids or solids into the product.
  • 100% safe and insulated microchip and electrical components.
  • No Contact: Less maintenance and fewer replacements.
  • Electronics developed to withstand impacts, even following falls.


The fields of application of the REMdevice solutions are almost endless:

  • Building Lifting
  • Industrial Lifting
  • Hydraulic Lifting
  • Drilling
  • Agricultural/Forestry
  • Mechanics and Automation
  • Machines on wheels and tracks
  • Recycling and composting
  • Beton Mixer
  • Naval Marttimo

If you would like a consultation on what remote would best suit your application, or would just like more information on the products REMdevice offer, please contact us by phone or email. We would be more than happy to assist in all your industrial control needs.

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