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City Cranes

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Caseys Cranes are the suppliers of Cranes in Dublin and Kildare. Hire tower cranes, city cranes and more suitable to your needs.

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The city tower crane has become a very popular choice within the industry and is ideal for users working in urban and city centre areas where space, access and egress is limited. The city tower crane can be erected easily within one working day and offers the customer excellent savings on mobile crane, transport and installation costs. These cranes can be operated from the cab or from the ground via remote control unit.

Model Manufacturer Max Radius Max Capacity Capacity at Max Radius
J37NS JASO 37m 4,000kg 1,000kg
J42NS JASO 42m 5,000kg 1,000kg
J52NS JASO 52m 5,000kg 1,000kg
1345TLX FM GRU 47,5m 6,000kg 1,000kg
1350 TLX FM GRU 52.5m 6,000kg 1,000kg
1355 TLX FM GRU 55m 6,000kg 1,000kg
78EC LIEBHERR 45m 5500kg 1,000kg
90EC LIEBHERR 50m 6,000kg 1,500kg
71EC-B5 LIEBHERR 50m 5,000kg 1,000kg
5LC 4010 LINDEN COMANSA 40m 5,000kg 1,000kg
5LC 4510 LINDEN COMANSA 45m 5,000kg 1,000kg
5LC 5010 LINDEN COMANSA 50m 5,000kg 1,000kg
11LC 90 LINDEN COMANSA 52,5m 5,000kg 1,320kg
11LC 132 LINDEN COMANSA 132,6m 6,000kg 1,200kg

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